Designer is bucking trend on first birthday

Karen Jane Interiors at the Bell Plantation in Towcester
Karen Jane Interiors at the Bell Plantation in Towcester
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AN interior design store in Towcester is celebrating its first anniversary after setting up in the height of the recession.

Nick Banyai, partner at Karen Jane Interiors at the Bell Plantation in Towcester said times are tough for all high street retailers but they are bucking the trend with a great location and affluent customer base.

On Friday, July 29 Towcester mayor Martin Johns will join them for a celebration of the store’s first year of trading.

Remembering the opening day Mr Banyai said: “It was a bit of struggle to get things ready - there was a bit of a panic fitting the reception sales counter at the last minute.

“As far as supply, we knew we had quite a long lead time. It took a lot of planning to make everything arrive when it had to.

“The forward planning meant a considerable investment, tens of thousands of pounds.

“But business is always a risk, I have other businesses so I’m perhaps used to taking risks. But we looked at it and talk about it, produced cash flow forecasts and a lot of planning went in to it, but at same time people will talk about doing things, and there’s never a good place to start. But you do have to start.”

Mr Banyai added: “It took nine months to find the right place but we felt with the A43 and A5, ample free parking and the higher than average incomes around Towcester, we thought it was a calculated risk.

“You hear of lots of big names falling by the way side all the time. High street retail is going through a very difficult time but we are still confident we will see it through, even today we took a £4,000 order.”

Saturday, July 30 the store will hold an open day, welcoming customers with wine and nibbles and discounts.