Flexible support on a reasonable budget

A PAIR of local mums have just launched a new business designed to offer flexible business support to other companies, large or small.

Absolute You is the brainchild of entrepreneurs Katie England, from Hillesden, and Paula Battle, from Finmere.

Katie, aged 36, said: “Every business has its ‘to-do list’ containing all of those jobs that you’re always about to get around to, if only there were a few more hours in the day.

“Absolute You is the perfect solution – a trusted partner you can feel confident in and call on whenever you need to.”

Paula, aged 38, said: “We’ve devised a business model based on low overheads, minimal infrastructure and impressive skill sets. What this means for our clients is exceptional service on a reasonable budget.”

The business can either provide an extra pair of hands if needed in an office or the women can take a pile of paperwork away to plough through.

The two women, who each have three children now at primary school, first met through Gawcott Pre-School, where each served as chair of the committee at different times.

Their combined experience in all sections of business administration straddles public and private sector work including administration, research and planning, finance and credit control, marketing, communications and recruitment.

Katie’s background is in trading, sales, finance and management, and she has worked in every area of business management and operations.

Paula has spent much of the last decade working in marketing and communications, bringing clarity to all areas of promoting a business.

Visit www.absoluteyou.co.uk