Green builder says the time is right for solar

Bill Cushway with his eco house in Silverstone.'110912M-B233
Bill Cushway with his eco house in Silverstone.'110912M-B233

WHAT a builder learned about green technology when he built his own home has convinced him to set up a new business selling and fitting solar panels.

In November Bill Cushway finished his new home in Silverstone which is fitted with a range of energy saving technologies. The main walls and roof are made with structural insulated panels, the house is completely draft proof, heat loss is minimised through air heat recovery system and electricity is saved through an LED lighting system.

Mr Cushway said: “In terms of energy saving it is huge. But the last thing we put in was solar photovoltaic panels. We’ve got just under 4kwh.

“I was so impressed with that system I set up Buckingham Solar Ltd, based in Silverstone, just to provide a local service.

“I’ve found there are a lot of big companies and a lot of big claims, but I do believe it is the future.”

Mr Cushway, whose building firm installed a heat pump to warm the pool at Bourton Mill in Buckingham, said the time is right to invest in solar. He said: “There has been scepticism in the past, especially around the schemes where they are fitted for free. I think the government incentive scheme works best where you own the system and receive the feed in tariff. And the tariff is really good at the moment but it will eventually reduce as the uptake improves.”

He added: “I’ve got children and I just think this will help make the world a better place for them.”

Mr Cushway is now an accredited member of the Microgeneration Certification Scheme and already has work lined up. He has calculated, depending on the direction and size of roof space, a typical 2kwh solar PV system costing £8,000, and taking advantage of government incentives could pay for itself within eight years.