Have your say over council tax changes in Oxfordshire

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Bicester residents are invited to have their say over a new scheme to replace council tax benefits.

A new locally-run system called Council Tax Reduction looks set to be introduced in 2014-15, which will lead to a 10 per cent cut in funding to local authorities.

Oxfordshire councils say they aim to keep benefit payments at current levels, but have not decided how to make up for the funding cut.

Councillor Ken Atack, Cherwell District Council’s lead member for financial management, said: “The money will have to come from somewhere.

“Working together, all Oxfordshire local authorities and Thames Valley Police are aiming to prevent this change having an immediate impact.

“But whatever mitigating action we decide on, we must do everything we can to protect those who are most vulnerable.”

Contact staff on 01295 227030 for details on taking part in the consultation.