High pressure rogue trader thwarted by Towcester councillor

MCBW - 15-04-11 - Uncontestes seat in south Northants - Chris Lofts
MCBW - 15-04-11 - Uncontestes seat in south Northants - Chris Lofts

AN ELDERLY woman in Towcester narrowly escaped handing over a large cheque to high pressure salesman thanks to surprise visit from a local councillor.

The salesman had spent two hours in the woman’s home and was about to leave with a cheque for several thousand pounds when South Northants Council’s Chris Lofts paid a visit.

He said: “I was very cross that a vulnerable lady living on her own had been frightened into signing a contract for work that was totally un-needed.”

Mr Lofts persuaded the salesman to rip up the cheque and contract and reported the incident to Trading Standards in 01604 236236.

A spokesperson from NCC said: “We remain committed to tackling this type of unscrupulous behaviour and protecting vulnerable residents in the county but unfortunately rogue traders and cowboy builders continue to operate, especially during these times of economic hardship. “Our general advice to everyone is if you’re not sure, don’t open the door. And if you do need work on your house, consider finding a trading standards-approved trader through the Buy With Confidence scheme by either telephoning the council on 01604 236236, Consumer “Direct on 08454 040506 or visiting www.northamptonshire.gov.uk.

You can also get in touch with Consumer Direct for help and advice if you are at all concerned about a trader.”