Job seekers figures bright for Buckingham constituency

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The latest figures produced by Job Centre Plus have shown the parliamentary constituency of Buckingham has the second lowest number of Job Seekers Allowance claimants in England at 0.8 per cent.

In Bucks as a whole, the claimant count has fallen for a fourth successive month and is at its lowest level since December 2008, having fallen by 24.9 per cent in the last year.

It currently stands at 1.4 per cent of working age residents.

This is the third lowest rate among local enterprise partnerships and the fourth lowest among county council areas.

The claimant count for Aylesbury Vale for November 2013 stands at 1,453, 1.3 per cent, a ranking of 55 out of 
380 district councils in England.

The number of young people claiming the allowance in the county has fallen below 1,000 for the first time since October 2008.

The most commonly sought occupation among young claimants remains sales assistant and retail cashier.

Women now make up the highest share of claimants in the county since September 1988.

The report says women are looking for work in a narrower range of occupations than men with the 10 most sought occupations for women accounting for almost two-thirds of claimants, at 66.4 per cent compared to just over half of men at 51.6 per cent.

There were 5,322 advertised job vacancies in Bucks in November, an increase of 50.1 per cent over November 2012.

The largest increase was for professional occupations where an increase of 694 took the number of vacancies to 1,654.

In Northants, the claimant count for November 2013 was 11,024, a drop of 26.2 per cent while in Oxfordshire the number of claimants fell by 24.7 per cent to 4,853.

In Northants, the number of claimants makes up 2.5 per cent of the working population, while in Oxfordshire it makes up 1.1 per cent.

Most of Northants’ and Oxfordshire’s claimants are in the 25 to 49 age group.