Jobless rate falls to 1.9 per cent in north Oxfordshire

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The rate of unemployment in the Bicester and Banbury area fell to 1.9 per cent last month, according to figures produced by the House of Commons library.

The official number of people claiming unemployment benefit in north Oxfordshire was 1,192 in September, which was 76 people fewer than in August, and 304 fewer than in September last year.

North Oxfordshire MP Sir Tony Baldry said: “While a single person being unemployed is one too many, it is good news that unemployment in North Oxfordshire continues to fall.

“Indeed there are only 37 constituencies out of 650 in the United Kingdom which now have a lower unemployment rate than mine.”

He said Banbury firms such as Norbar Torque and Prodrive are expanding, while significant employment growth is also taking place in Bicester.