Leap year brings extra special deliveries

Dandy Lion Child Boutique, Cornwall Place, Buckingham
Dandy Lion Child Boutique, Cornwall Place, Buckingham
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THE latest addition to Buckingham’s boutique culture will be giving away gift vouchers to babies born on February 29.

As a leap year baby herself Jo Watson of the Dandy Lions Child Boutique said with so much competition she wanted a way to stand out from the crowd.

So the first four parents from the MK18 area, who have a new addition to the family next Wednesday, will receive a gift voucher for £20.

Mrs Watson said as a child she used to celebrate her birthday on February 28, and if she felt like pushing her luck, again on March 1

But now she is older she takes a more conservative approach and added: “I only count the leap year birthdays now, so I turn 13 this year.”

Mrs Watson said it was too early to say why she has enjoyed the success she has since opening last September but believes increasingly Buckingham is offering an alternative to big shopping centres.

She said customers enjoy finding items they would not find on a typical high street and added: “It’s going well I’m really pleased, especially having been here only six months. People are coming here from places like Milton Keynes and Aylesbury. But it’s not just for me. Other retailers in the town are offering something a little bit different and building a reputation for Buckingham.”

Dandy Lions has a wide range of clothes and gifts for babies and children from newborn to 5-year-olds. They specialise in organic cotton clothing, organic skin care products, fair trade ranges and independent brands not found in high street stores. To claim a voucher contact Dandy Lion in Cornwall Place by Monday, March 5, on 01280 812775. Some proof of birth may be required,