New 80-home plan 
despite legal challenge

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A fresh planning application has been submitted for 80 homes in Moreton Road in Buckingham despite an
ongoing High Court legal 
challenge over the scheme.

The new application from Bellway Homes comes as Aylesbury Vale District Council (AVDC) challenges a decision by the Government’s Planning Inspectorate to allow the development to proceed on land next to Buckingham Rugby Club.

The hearing could take place as early as August and is expected to last two to three days.

It is believed the fresh application could be linked to a new system of planning guidelines, the Vale of Aylesbury Plan, which is replacing the old South East Plan.

Councillor Tim Mills, a member of AVDC’s development control committee, said: “Speaking in general terms, the original application used figures from the South East Plan, which has now been withdrawn.

“It may be that Bellway has submitted a new application so it can be issued against the Vale of Aylesbury Plan, even though the housing targets have not yet been agreed.”

It is expected that Bellway would withdraw the new application if the High Court rejects AVDC’s challenge and the development is allowed to proceed.

Cllr Mills said local people who still had copies of any comments they had made the first time around should resubmit them for the original application, not for the appeal.

Developers Bellway Homes, Bellcross Co and Fosbern Manufacturing appealed to the Planning Inspectorate after being refused planning permission by AVDC last March.

Some Maids Moreton residents have opposed the development and around 200 people attended a public meeting in Buckingham Rugby Club over the issue in January.

One of the inspector’s reasons for allowing the appeal was the shortfall in new housing across the whole of Aylesbury Vale.

She said AVDC could not show it had a five-year supply of ‘deliverable sites’ for new housing across the district.

The South East Plan divides Aylesbury Vale into three areas – the Aylesbury area, the Milton Keynes area, and the Rest of the District (RoD), which includes Buckingham.

Only the area around Aylesbury could not demonstrate it had a five-year supply of land for new homes.

But despite acknowledging the RoD area had more than eight years’ worth of land already earmarked for housing, the planning inspector said, “...the pressing need to identify and deliver additional housing within Aylesbury Vale as a whole outweighs the South East Plan spatial strategy.”