New chamber chief puts his focus on great expectations

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THE new chief executive of a business organisation in Milton Keynes wants to make it more relevant to its members.

Colin Fox took up the reins of Milton Keynes and North Bucks Chamber of Commerce on Monday (November 21) following the resignation after five years of Rita Spada.

Mr Fox said: “Our role as a members’ organisation is to meet and exceed the expectations of our members and assert business confidence, to define entirely transparent and relevant support strategies to assist companies of all sizes and embrace strong partnerships with other business groups.”

Mr Fox re-joins the chamber from an eight-year role as Chief Executive of Milton Keynes Economy and Learning Partnership, where his role helped define long-term growth proposals for Milton Keynes working alongside public and private sector stakeholders.”

Mr Fox held senior posts, finally as executive director, within the Milton Keynes and North Bucks Chamber of Commerce from 1994.

He added: “I relish the opportunity to return to the chamber at a critical time in the development of membership services in a testing economic climate.”

Chamber president Silvia Vitiello, said the chamber is working on the development of a strategic plan as a foundation for ‘long-term sustainability’.

She added: “Our chamber sits at the heart of the community and our work is to provide businesses of all sizes, representing all sectors, with practical support, useful connections and valuable access to new ideas and innovations.

“There is a lot to do.”