Overwhelming support for Bicester Village plan

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WELL over 1,000 people visited a public exhibition of plans for the redevelopment of Bicester Village, Tesco and Bicester Business Park last week.

Regional corporate affairs manager for Tesco, Simon Petar, said the exhibition was “extremely positive”.

He said: “Over 1,000 people attended over two days and there was overwhelming support for the plans.

“It’s good news for everybody. It will improve the highways network beyond recognition, which is what our customers have been asking for for quite some time.”

Bicester Village spokesman Miranda Markham said: “We were delighted to see so many residents visit, and those that came were largely very supportive of what we are proposing.

“The computer-generated model was hugely popular. People could see £11 million of road improvements working in real time and how the traffic would flow.

“We’re closer now to being able to deliver those very much needed road improvements.

“The next step for us will be to submit the plans and move forward with the process.”

But Bicester town councillor Les Sibley said an increase in the number of visitors to Tesco and Bicester Village once the improvements were completedwould cause more traffic chaos.

And, he added, the expansion would have a big impact on the town centre redevelopment.

He said: “If you have a new business park and Tesco, which will sell more items, that will attract more people to the area. People will go to the edge of town Tesco and Bicester Village because it offers free parking. This will have a big impact on the Bicester town centre redevelopment.”