Radstone is approved with no link road

Radstone Fields
Radstone Fields
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AGREEMENT in principle has been given to a 1,000 home development in Brackley without a road which would have taken construction traffic away from residential roads.

Last Thursday South Northants Council’s planning committee followed officers recommendations to approve outline permission for the Radstone Fields development.

It had been proposed that a link road through the adjoining Sawmills site would take construction lorries away from Radstone Road and Halse Road and the rest of the town.

Gwen Rhys, spoke on behalf of Brackley Town Council during Thursdays meeting pointing out the the link road was in the Brackley Masterplan adopted by SNC this year.

Ms Rhys said: “The Highways Agency believe the existing road network will take the traffic and it is their report used by SNC officers when determining the recommendations on the report. I told the committee that Brackley would end up in grid lock if the traffic management and link road issues were not resolved.”

Stephen Clarke, chairman of the development control committee, said: “The committee has considered all of the representations received and is satisfied that the proposed development will be of long term benefit to Brackley and facilitate the delivery of the improvements in the town sought by the Brackley Masterplan.

He added: “The Committee also considered the potential traffic impact and accepted the advice of the County Council’s Highways Officer that the impact is capable of being managed in a satisfactory way.