Residents mobilise to fight homes plan

Bellway Homes public exhibition of proposals for land at Moreton Road,Buckingham.'111019M-D349
Bellway Homes public exhibition of proposals for land at Moreton Road,Buckingham.'111019M-D349
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AS planning permission is being sought to build 80 new homes on Moreton Road, local residents are mobilising their opposition.

The planned development by Bellway Homes and Bellcross Homes on land north of the new Hedgerows estate has been the subject of controversy, as neighbours say the land was meant to be reserved as a public space.

Yellow planning notices went up on Wednesday, and people have until January 25 to make their comments and objections to the planning authority, Aylesbury Vale District Council.

Residents who feel strongly against the new development have organised a public meeting at 8pm on Tuesday, January 17, at Buckingham Rugby Club, which anyone interested is welcome to attend.

In a letter to the Advertiser, Moreton Road resident Susannah Smith said: “Regardless of the developers’ attempts to communicate otherwise, the proposals site is not allocated for development by the district council, as confirmed in writing by the head of AVDC planning to the Rt Hon John Bercow MP – it is reserved as an area of formal open space.”

She told the Advertiser: “Bellway are trying to get the public to believe the past never happened.”

A spokesman for the developers said: “The site comprises land which forms the northern part of an extant local plan allocation for housing development (saved policy BU.1).

“The policy wording supports the delivery of further dwellings from the site post 2011.”

As part of the planning application, Bellway Homes and Bellcross Homes have submitted a summary of their community involvement programme.

It includes feedback from the public exhibition held at Buckingham Rugby Club in October, which was attended by 82 people, with 26 feedback responses received.

The major concern, raised by 11 people was over traffic.

The report says: “The impact of traffic at the town centre roundabouts would be low, with around one vehicle every four to five minutes joining the queue.”

It also predicts the level of extra traffic from the development during the morning and evening rush hours would be low.

The company’s highways consultants have used ‘industry-standard software’ to predict the likely trip level.

They say the 80 homes would be expected to generate an extra 28 vehicles exiting the site during the morning rush hour.

Of these, 16 would be turning south towards Buckingham, while 12 would be heading north in the Maids Moreton direction.

In the evening rush hour, nine extra vehicles from each direction are expected to be heading back into the development.

For more information from the developers, visit

Full details of the planning application, number 11/02724/APP, can be viewed on the AVDC website at

Anyone wanting to get involved in opposing the development can email or call David Child on 07950 937486.