Support for charities despite economy

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AS next week’s budget draws closer and with Red Nose appeal taking place today, shoppers in Brackley said they still have money in their budgets to support charities.

With the Office of National Statistics reporting the highest unemployment figures for 17 years at 2.5 million, people in Brackley said they may be feeling the pinch but they have not lost the desire to support charities, especially in extreme situations like the recent disasters in Japan and New Zealand.

Retired Stan Grimmett, 75 of Buckingham Road said: “I do donate to a number of small charities. But we get a lot of cold callers and people knocking on the door which I can’t support.

“But I still feel charitable, just about, although I can only give a few pounds a month being a pensioner.”

64-year-old Connie Coleman, retired from Watery Lane said: “I give on regular basis to three charities. But there could come a time when I might need to rethink that. There’s a lot of charities which come to the door or make requests over the phone and I just can’t support them all.”

Mike Lenthall, 70 and retired from Westminster Croft said: “Yes there is money still in my budget to support charities, I’m not feeling the pinch so my attitude towards charities hasn’t changed.”

Retired Christopher Baines, 65 of Thomas Crewe Close said: “We absolutely still feel charitable, especially for extreme situations such as the Japanese disaster.

“But the recession has affected us to a small extent and the money we put in collection boxes in shops is not as much as it used to be, so the recession is a consideration. But I know some charities are having great difficulties in fund raising. The larger charities take a lot of the attention way from smaller ones.

“But what we are talking about is Cameron’s Big Society project. It’s unfortunate timing for him.”

His wife Margaret Baines, 64 and also retired said: “I still give and I still feel charitable. And I think I will carrying giving regardless. People will always give even if its a couple of pence in a pot.”

Tania Parson, a 41-year-old part time hotel marketer and mum from Thorpe Mandeville said: “Yes I still have money in my budget for charities. We talk a lot about international charities, but we are stood here outside the Age Concern shop.

“And nowadays it’s all about Big Society and looking out for other people. So there’s definitely room for charities, as long as the Government doesn’t waste money on unnecessary projects, for example HS2.

“But those poor people in Japan, at least we have a roof over our heads.

“Everyone’s got something they can do to make a difference, whether it’s giving their time or money.”