Towcester news: Books fly of the street during give away

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A WOMEN from Whittlebury gave away 48 books in half an hour during a project to encourage people to read.

Tina Morris enlisted her 15-year-old son Stuart to carry the boxes of books to the Willen Hospice Shop in Towcester where she stood outside and gave them away passing shoppers as part of the World Book Night.

The event saw a launch in Trafalgar Square on Friday evening with a whole evening devoted to programmes about books on BBC2.

Mrs Morris said: “Quite a lot of people had heard about it, but everyone’s happy to take away a free book.” Mrs Morris gave away copies of Gabriel Garcia Marquez’s Love in the Time of Cholera and added: “We live very busy lives and books can be relax and it’s a different form of entertainment to television.”

Mrs Morris said she is always surprised at how many people do not read missing out on a something which improves concentration, inspires the imagination, and exposes readers to different cultures.