Town centre goes wireless

Staff at Cat 5 Mobile Communications celebrate wi-fi coming to Towcester
Staff at Cat 5 Mobile Communications celebrate wi-fi coming to Towcester

INTERNET on the go could soon be coming to Towcester’s high street when a town firm launches its wireless internet service.

Mobile communications firm, Cat 5 Communications, is planning to drag Towcester firmly into the 21st Century in the next few weeks when it launches a service in the high street which will allow anyone with a wifi enabled device, such as a laptop or smart phone, to connect to the internet for free.

Several shops in the town already offer free wifi to their customers but by linking wifi routers together throughout the town it will enable businessmen, students and tourists to access the internet on the go.

Cat 5 Communications has been trading in Towcester since 2009 selling mobile phones and giving advice on contracts, business communications and use of the internet to make phone calls.

Nav Stephen, a Towcester resident and managing directory of Cat 5 said: “The high street roll out programme is happening this week, so we are about ready to launch that, but it will go into other areas as well, not just the high street and will eventually cover the whole town.”

He said it could expand to surrounding towns and added: “And there’s no catche. It’s not free for a period then a charge, it really is what is says on the tin, a community website and wifi for local business to increase their exposure, and make the town a little bit more well known.

“Big supermarkets are killing off our communities and people don’t know their neighbours. We want to put some of that back using wifi as the medium.”

Mr Stephen said Britain was lagging behind other parts of the world in use of the internet to communicate.

“I was in Poland seven or eight years ago and it was all wifi, and most other European countries are the same, and you think why isn’t England doing it? The technology is there, why are people just standing around?”

Andrew Wilby, South Northants Council member for Towcester Mill was almost lost for words when he heard the proposal, but said: “As long as there are no catches I think we should welcome it. Towcester has always been at the forefront of technology with Plessey, wireless radio manufacturers Marconi and Radstone, but this is for a social use.”

Retailer Frank Callaghan of Humbug Sweets immediately imagined a raft of possible uses, both commercial and social and added: “It will be gratefully received and the fact it is free is absolutely huge.”

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