Call for pinch point safety measures in Akeley

akeley PNL-151009-174909001
akeley PNL-151009-174909001

Angry villagers are calling for traffic calming at two pinch points which they claim are accidents waiting to happen.

There are two black spots on the A413 through Akeley – one outside the Bull and Butcher pub and the other by Daisy Bank cottages.

Seven years ago, a school bus crashed as it tried to pass through the village and in July, a car which swerved to miss a lorry smashed into a barrier close to the cottages.

But hopefully a serious accident can be avoided after an e-petition was launched to slow cars and lorries down.

Charlotte Hunns, who lives in one of the cottages, set up the e-petition and urged the parish council to support her case to Bucks county Council.

The petition, which has already attracted more than 70 signatures, will be handed to the council at the Local Area Forum on September 29.

Chairman of Akeley Parish Council, Terry Cavender, thinks it is unsafe to exit and enter the buildings.

He wants to see improved signage and ideally, traffic lights.

Mr Cavender said: “There haven’t been any serious injuries yet. But that’s more by luck than judgement.

“I think a lot of drivers consider wing mirrors to be disposable items and although barriers can be fixed – people can’t.

“Residents have expressed their concerns and we are pushing for the county council to do a feasibility study for appropriate traffic calming solutions.”