Calls for a ‘bigger and better’ bus station

Buckingham bus station PNL-140805-160338001
Buckingham bus station PNL-140805-160338001

Buckingham needs a bigger and better bus station.

The town council says shelter at the existing bus terminus, on the old cattle pens in the town centre, is not big enough for Buckingham’s growing population, and it’s contacting Aylesbury District Council (AVDC) to say so.

Meanwhile, Tingewick resident Rosemary Stuchbury has taken her request straight to the top by writing direct to AVDC leader Neil Blake.

And Buckingham county councillor Warren Whyte is investigating getting funding for a new bus station from Bucks County Council (BCC).

The bus station, and the land it is on, are owned by AVDC, while the bus transport network is run by BCC.

Mrs Stuchbury, who is a member of the Aylesbury Vale Transport Users Group (AVTUG), told the Advertiser: “There’s been going to be a new bus shelter at Buckingham for years.But the town council aren’t getting anywhere and AVTUG aren’t getting anywhere.

“I haven’t got a car. I rely on buses. If you stand down there and there’s six people shoulder to shoulder, you’re lucky if you get in out of the rain.

“They’re spending £16 million in Aylesbury and Buckingham can’t even get a bus shelter.”

At the town council meeting on Tuesday night, councillors agreed to write to AVDC about the bus station, which they say is too small to hold all passengers in bad weather.

They are asking for a study to be carried out on Buckingham’s transport needs, its increasing population and the number of bus routes now using the bus stop.

And they want AVDC to use New Homes Bonus money to carry out an upgrade of the transport hub.

Councillor Whyte is talking to county council officers about the possibility of using Section 106 money (developers’ contributions) from the Lace Hill development.

Mr Whyte said: “At the moment some of that money is earmarked for improving the 60 service and part of that might be a bus shelter.

“As a regular bus user myself, I’m conscious of the shelter. It’s a bit tatty but it’s adequate. But the problem is the size, particularly for the morning rush.

“When I was there last Tuesday waiting for the 60, there must have been a dozen people waiting for various buses.”

And he added: “I don’t really care who owns it. The point is we need a bigger one and a better one.”