Campaign group launches petition protest against plans to privatise Northamptonshire Police control centre

Northamptonshire Police control room
Northamptonshire Police control room

More than 2,700 people have signed a petition to stop plans by Northamptonshire Police to privatise the control centre.

The petition, set up by the campaign group 38 Degrees, calls on Police and Crime Commissioner Adam Simmonds and Chief Constable Simon Edens, to think again on the plans to outsource the call handling service to G4S.

Earlier this month, the Chron reported that the police force had instructed the private security contractor to carry out a ‘feasibility study’ into how it could deliver call handling, despatch and contact management for Northamptonshire, Leicestershire and Nottinghamshire Police forces.

The Northants branch of Unison said it opposed the move and campaigners have now launched a petition to block plans.

A spokesperson for 38 Degrees in the town said: “People are worried about losing local knowledge and experience if the private company takes over 999 calls. They’re also worried that the quality of the service will worsen if the company were to put their profits over protecting local people.

“This essential part of front line policing should not be moved to a location remote from its parent force, or put into the hands of the notorious G4S or any other private company who will run it as a business rather than for the benefit of the people of Northamptonshire,” the spokesperson added.

“It’s important to ensure that our public services have people at the heart of every decision made.”

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