Campaign grows to stop Beds growing


Objectors to the building of a wood and green waste recycling plant in Thurleigh are urging concerned residents to write to Bedford Borough Council.

The Stop Growing Beds campaign is fighting plans by Growing Beds Ltd to relocate its current plant from Ravensden to Coplar Farm, which is close to the village.

Main reasons for objecting are noise and odour pollution, changes in the historic landscape and ecology, and increase in HGV traffic in the country roads.

Campaign spokesman Sean Smith said the group is also asking the council for more time to examine newly-submitted application documents.

He said: “Last year, an environmental health officer ordered an independent report into the noise impact after he was not happy with the submitted report.

“This makes us question other supporting documents, and we would like more time to examine and look into them.”

It is feared that if the planning application is considered next month, many people will be on holiday.

At the planning meeting, objectors expect they will have five minutes to address councillors with their concerns.

Campaigners have approached North East Bedfordshire MP Alistair Burt to lend his support.

He said: “I have been in touch with both local residents and the applicants in this matter and heard both sides of the argument.

“It is not for me to make a decision on this matter, but one for the planning authority based on all the information before it.

“However, my constituents understandably have concerns and it is my job to ensure their voices are heard.”

Comments on the application need to be with Bedford Borough Council by Friday, July 17.

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