Campaign to remember the efforts of the suffragettes

Lesley Clarke: suffrage campaign
Lesley Clarke: suffrage campaign

A councillor has launched a campaign to celebrate suffragettes and their supporters.

Lesley Clarke, a county councillor in Bucks, is inviting people to share the work of those who have made a difference to others.

The campaign has been launched ahead of the 100th anniversary of women who were householders and aged over 30, being given the right to vote.

The anniversary will be marked in October 2018.

The efforts of the suffragettes have been chronicled in the new film, which Mrs Clarke recently watched as part of her work on the exhibition.

She said: “If it wasn’t for the suffragettes women wouldn’t have had the vote.

“Women did a lot of health-related jobs then and never ventured into politics.

“We had one female Prime Minister (Margaret Thatcher) who was pilloried and even now people tend to criticise Theresa May for her appearance and she isn’t taken seriously enough I don’t think.”

Mrs Clarke, who is chair of the Women’s Local Government Society said she felt young people could learn a lot from watching the film.

She said: “It shows why you must not give up and also that you should not resort to violence.

“Some of the film I thought was a good portrayal but some of it showed too much of the violent side.”

The film starring Helena Bonham Carter and Meryl Streep was released last month.

Mrs Clarke added: “It always surprises me that some people never vote.

“They owe it to the suffragettes to do it.”

To nominate someone for recognition as part of the campaign to highlight the work of the suffragettes contact: lm