Campaign to tackle potholes in Brackley

Resident Marrk Morrell and Northants County Councillor Jim Broomfield - Brackley Potholes
Resident Marrk Morrell and Northants County Councillor Jim Broomfield - Brackley Potholes

Nearly 100 people have signalled their support in the six days since the launch of a pothole campaign in Brackley last week.

Since Friday, campaigner Mark Morrell has gathered supporters on the Facebook Group – Brackley Potholes.

He said he is fed up with the poor condition of the roads and, if the group is successful, hopes to build it into a national campaign.

Mr Morrell said a series of potholes in Farthinghoe, the condition of Waynflete Avenue in Brackley and many other roads had prompted him to take action.

In Farthinghoe he first reported a dangerous hole near a narrow bend in January which was forcing drivers into oncoming traffic. After seeing no action to his Street Doctor report he phoned the police and it was repaired within two hours.

He then reported a second hole at the same point in March which was repaired by the Northants County Council contractors within five days.

Then on May 1 he reported a third hole and gave the contractors until May 20 to repair it.

When that did not happen he notified police and again it was repaired within two hours.

But he added: “It’s no good because the first repair is breaking up again.”

He added: “I’m fed up as a council taxpayer, I’m fed up with people moaning, I’m fed up with politicians, and I’m fed up with being ignored by the council.

“The feeling I get from the system is that people complain and eventually go away.

“Well I’m not going away.”

Mr Morrell also hopes he will be able to gather 100,000 signatures for a HM Government e-petition forcing politicians to consider raising the issue in parliament.

Mr Morrell has also enlisted the help of Brackley county councillor Jim Broomfield.

He said: “It was a very hot topic when I was canvassing, virtually everyone mentioned the roads, and because we’re near the county border they think Brackley is not getting its fair share of infrastructure.”

Spokesman for Northants County Council said: “A combination of increased road usage and severe winters meant that we, like all parts of the UK, are seeing the state of our roads deteriorate.

“With the current pressures on public spending it was clear that something innovative was required to improve the state of our roads and footways – something we know is a high priority for many county residents.”

NCC now aims to quickly repair dangerous potholes, while scheduling less hazardous holes for permanent repairs.

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