Campaigners in town to oppose voting change

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CAMPAIGNERS to keep the current voting system will be taking to the streets of Buckingham on Saturday morning ahead of the May 5 referendum on whether to change to the Alternative Vote system.

The whole country will be able to vote in the referendum, but campaigners to keep the existing First Past The Post say all will depend on who turns out on the day.

Campaigner and Luffield Abbey councillor Pearl Lewis said: “There has never been a UK referendum in my lifetime and it’s so important that people turn out and have their say. We have a fair system of one person one vote – let’s keep it.”

The campaign team will also include Buckingham town councillors Howard Mordue and Derick Isham, Aylesbury Vale district councillors Huw Lewis and Tim Mills and AVDC candidates Patrick Fealey (Tingewick) and Sue Renshell (Winslow).