Candidate to ‘make Northants safest county in the UK’

Adam Simmonds, Conservative Candidate for the Northants Police Crime Commissioner.
Adam Simmonds, Conservative Candidate for the Northants Police Crime Commissioner.

As all the major political parties settle on candidates for the Northants police and crime commissioner, in the first of a series of interviews reporter Gavin Moore sits down with the man chosen by the Conservatives to fill the role.

Adam Simmonds, 35, is a married father of a three-year-old and was chosen as the Tory’s candidate in June.

But despite his need for party support during the election campaign, he is desperate for voters to put aside politics when they go the ballot box in November.

His manifesto, called The Safest Place In England puts forward the idea of the commissioner working with all the agencies in the county to reduce crime, which is the only target by which the Government will judge his success if elected.

And, he says, he does not shy away from the idea of banging heads together to get things done and compares the PCC role as that of the London mayor.

He said it was one of most powerful roles created by the Government, directly accountable to voters, and independent from councils or party groups.

“This election is the most important election since the general election in terms of government policy because the PCC is at the heart of the localism agenda,” he said.

“Our campaign is pretty straight forward and deliberately focussed on outcomes, rather than the Tories promising they can make the sky blue.

“But really over four years my ambition, through a series of things that will get announced in September/October is to make Northants the safest place in England.

“I get a lot of questions about why we are politicising the police. I want to take people’s minds off that, forget about the politics.

“Yes, you are electing a politician but I think we should be focussed on the outcome and working out the best ways of delivering that, which I think is voting for me. I just happen to be a Tory.”

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