Candleford Court residents hope to form community group

Residents intend to form a residents association soon
Residents intend to form a residents association soon

In the face of repeat flooding, residents of a housing development in Buckingham are banding together to present a united voice.

Residents voted to start preceedings to form the Candleford Court Residents Association on January 21, at a meeting at the White Hart Hotel, Buckingham.

The group expressed their intention to form and will now take the necessary steps to officially become a residents association.

Attendees voted principally to form the association, in order to have their concerns over the fallout of yearly car park flooding, and the misuse of communal areas, represented.

The associations newly-appointed chair Graham Robson explained the reasons why this step needed to be taken.

He said: “While we haven’t officially been acknowledged as a residents association, we have made our intentions clear at the meeting.

“We’re hoping to start a residents association because individually the Guinness Partnership is ignoring us, so we need a collective voice.

“This will be a conduit for getting things done.”

In the last month, residents have had to deal with the fallout from winter flooding in their underground car park.

The development has historically been susceptible to flooding and some residents feel that their management company hasn’t acted fast enough in tackling problems.

One commented: “It’s not enough to say we should pass the buck to those responsible previously, but instead we need to think about fixing things now and I just want to know when this won’t be a problem anymore.”