Car blaze nearly causes ‘running fire’ outside primary school


Firefighters had to stop flames from spreading from car to car in a street outside a primary school and methodist church.

The fire broke out in Bridge Walk, Deanshanger, shortly before 9am and quickly spread to another car parked next to it.

Crew commander Kieron Thomas, from Buckingham Fire Station, said the car had a full tank of petrol so it could have caused a dangerous ‘running fire’ close to Deanshanger Primary School and Deanshanger Methodist Church.

But firefighters rushed to the scene and used breathing equipment and extinguishers to stop it from spreading further.

He said: “The car was well burnt out. It could have over-heated or someone could have set fire to it – it’s hard to tell.

“With anything mechanical, although things have got better in recent years, everything is susceptible to becoming faulty.

“It had a full tank of petrol so it could have spread to more cars.”