Car parking charges at Swan Pool

Swan Pool car park,Buckingham.
Swan Pool car park,Buckingham.
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PARKING charges could be extended to one of Buckingham’s few remaining car parks.

PARKING charges introduced to Buckingham town centre’s car parks could be extended to one of the town’s few remaining free car parks.

Plans to introduce charges to the Swan Pool and Leisure Centre car park are due to be discussed at Aylesbury Vale District Council’s cabinet meeting on June 14 after centre users complained they are unable to park there.

Non-centre users have been parking in the leisure centre car park, a problem the district council says has been increased by Tesco restricting parking at its store to three hours and the installation of double yellow lines on the access road to the Royal Latin School and to Chandos Road.

The neighbouring Buckingham School also uses part of the car park and currently has the right to use 10 bays as temporary overflow, which is expected to remain unchanged and free.

But a report from AVDC says continuous complaints have been made by centre users since the start of the academic year, a problem which ‘escalates as the school year progresses and more students start to drive.’ The report also says that no concerns over parking were raised on the weekends.

Leisure centre managers, Aylesbury Vale Community Trust, has asked AVDC to make a traffic order.

The order would introduce ticketing machines. Proposed charges are £1 for up to two hours, £3 for two to four hours and £6 for four to 24 hours. Customers of the centre will be refunded the cost of their parking ticket up to a period of four hours.

Town and district councillor, Robin Stuchbury, said the charges wouldn’t solve the parking problem but would just move it to another part of town.

He said: “If Tesco had not taken the view of charging for parking, then people would not have drifted to the Swan Pool. If history repeats itself then people will start parking in Bernadines Way, Meadway, the Badgers Estate and Embleton Way.”

A statement from AVDC said the neighbouring Buckingham School was believed to have sufficient space to cater for their teachers and the designated parking area within the Swan Pool car park would remain outside of the traffic order if approved by cabinet on June 14.

It added: “Arrangement for use of other areas within the Swan Pool car park would be by prior agreement, otherwise parking tariffs would remain enforceable.”

The Buckingham School refused to comment.