Chance to help tame the beast

Brackley based Nosferatu drag racing team.
Brackley based Nosferatu drag racing team.

Advertiser and Review readers are being offered a rare opportunity to became part of team that runs a drag car capable of 0-60mph in less than a second.

Vince Gibbs from Brackley owns and drives one of UK drag racing’s most distinctive cars.

Nosferatu began life in America as a normal Pontiac Firebird, but £35,000 later it can easily out accelerate a Formula One car.

After one teammate moved away Vince, also known as the Fearless Count, is looking for a passionate, reliable, and preferably mechanically-minded person to help run the team.

They will be required to attend around seven race weekends a year during the April to October drag racing season.

Day-to-day jobs could include everything from making the tea, to helping to strip the engine or showing fans around the car.

In return the new teammate will have all their expenses paid, and the chance to be part of the Nosferatu legend.

Vince, 47, of Oak Road, said: “I don’t like to blow my own trumpet, but it’s almost a privilege to be a member of the team. We are a quite well known and well respected team and we’ve got a big fan base. Some teams put barriers around their pits, but we positively encourage people in – after all it’s the fans who pay for the track which lets me do what I love.”

Vince said a quarter mile drag race can be so violent that the mind blocks out the first few seconds.

The track is also covered in glue to provide the maximum amount of traction and when the race starts Vince feels three-and-a-half times the force of gravity and, incredibly, he pulls 4.5G when he deploys braking parachutes.

Vince added: “Your brain is trying to cope with everything going on and your memory just shuts down, it’s like a computer slowing down when you ask it to do too much. But once the car is settled the next thing you are thinking about is whether everything is all right with the car, does the engine sound OK? Because at that point you’re doing 100mph and you start thing about winning the race.”

Advertiser and Review readers may be familiar with Nosferatu after it made an appearance at the Brackley Festival of Motorcycle.

Nosferatu is in drag racing’s Super Pro ET class and is currently the third or fourth fastest car of its kind in the UK. To be part of the team call Vince Gibbs on 07764 351, e-mail him at or visit the Nosferatu website -