Changes to bin collection days in Aylesbury Vale coming soon

Library image of recycling bins in Aylesbury
Library image of recycling bins in Aylesbury

Aylesbury Vale residents are advised to keep their eyes peeled this week for a letter outlining upcoming changes to their bin collection schedule.

Aylesbury Vale District Council issued the letter which seeks to inform what the changes to each household’s recycling and waste service are, and will include a new calendar to help clarify these changes.

The new changes will come into place the week beginning Monday September 3.

For some, these changes will result in a new bin collection day, while others may not experience any change at all.

According to the council, collection routes are being altered to ‘maximise efficiency’ meaning your collection time could change.

To combat this, bins must now be put out by 6.30am on the relevant day.

Sir Beville Stanier, cabinet member for waste and licensing said: “We are continuing to make improvements to our recycling and waste collection routes to make them more efficient.

“We will be supporting customers across the district to ensure they have all the information they need and that the changes go through smoothly.

“We know that these bin collection changes may cause some small disruption in the short term as customers and crews get used to the new bin collection days.

“I’d encourage residents to read their letters and calendars carefully, so they know which day to put their bins out and are ready for the changes when they come into force on Monday September 3.”

The fortnightly garden waste service will also be getting a revamp, from a Monday only collection service to a Monday to Friday service.

This means customers signed up to the garden waste collection service can get their brown garden waste bin collected on the same day as their other bins, on either recycling or waste week.