‘Changing things one conversation at a time’


WHILE protests were underway in London against budget cuts, a rather smaller affair was being held outside the Old Gaol.

Jon Harvey, from Maids Moreton, held his one-man protest in Buckingham town centre on Saturday against recent Government cuts which he says go too far and have happened too fast.

Mr Harvey said: “It went very well. I didn’t attract huge numbers, but I had some good conversations with eight people throughout the day. A lot of people drove past or walked past and looked at me quizzically. It is tempting to do it again either over this issue or some other.”

He added some of the people who approached him agreed with his stance.

He said: “I thought I would try to change things one conversation at a time.

“I think the vast majority of people at the London protest had a positive time and listened to some important protestors.”

Mr Harvey said the cuts were making the economy worse and would be damaging to people who relied on the public sector.