Child genius from Milton Keynes is brainier than Einstein

Roshni Das
Roshni Das

An 11-year-old child genius who is BRAINIER than Einstein is “just like any other girl,” insist her parents.

Remarkable Roshni Das was invited to sit an official Mensa test at her school and notched up a score of 162 – the highest possible mark.

Albert Einstein

Albert Einstein

“We were shocked when we heard the result!” said her dad Anand.

“We always knew Roshni was a bright girl, but we didn’t realise quite how bright she was.”

One clue for Anand and his wife Dal was when Roshni started reciting all the planets in the solar system – when she was just a year old.

By the time she was three she could identify body parts such as the cranium and phalanges and today her grammar is so good that she proof reads her parents’ letters.

But Anand and Dal refuse to treat their daughter like a child genius and have vowed not to push her to take GCSEs early or go to university at a “silly age.”

“There’s a fine balance between encouraging her to achieve her full potential and allowing her to have a normal childhood,” said pharmaceutical company worker Anand, who lives in Shenley Church End.

Roshni went to the Grove independent school and transferred in Year 6 to Two Mile Ash school. Now, after passing her 11 Plus exam with a score of 181, she attends the Royal Latin Grammar School in Buckingham.

Dal said: “She enjoys school and she likes to learn. But she’s not one of those children that always have their nose in a book. She’s just like any other girl in that she enjoys playing on her ipad or phone!”

Roshni’s favourite subjects are maths and science and she wants to work in the medical field when she grows up. But she is also a talented artist and spends much of her spare time drawing.

Her parents also have a son. “He’s a normal nine-year-old – he spends his free time playing Minecraft!” said Anand.

The average IQ is around 100. Einstein allegedly had an 1Q of 160, which is said to be the same as science genius Stephen Hawking.

John Stevenage, chief executive of British Mensa, said: “Congratulations to Roshni and we look forward to welcoming her to our growing community of children and young people in Mensa.”

You can pit your wits against Rashni by tackling questions supplied to the Citizen by Mensa. These are speciman questions and NOT the questions in their official 1Q tests, as these are confidential.

Do you fancy trying some of the questions Roshni aced?