Children learn the wonders of growing their own

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CHILDREN at the Towcester Scout Hut Preschool got their hands dirty last week while learning the wonders of growing their own vegetables.

Last week more than 20 children were helped to pot their own radishes by staff from the Towcester Homebase, who have long supported the school, and donated pots, seeds and compost. Radishes were chosen as they can be ready to harvest before the end of the school year in July.

Preschool manager Jenny Smith thanked Homebase and added: “As a charity we rely on fundraising and goodwill and this kind of support allows us to do so much more with the children.

“The kids absolutely loved getting their hands dirty and I can’t wait to see their faces when they pull the radishes out.”

Stewart Wise, Homesbase sales manager said: “Starting the children really young will hopefully help to get them interested in the long term which can only be a good thing.”