Church attracts new worshippers

St Laurence Church, Winslow
St Laurence Church, Winslow

St Laurence Church, Winslow, is attracting churchgoers from the wider Christian community to its Book of Common Prayer services.

St Laurence is the latest of more than 60 churches to become corporate members of the Prayer Book Society, which works to encourage rediscovery and use of the Book of Common Prayer at the heart of the Church of England’s worship.

And the services are attracting worshippers from beyond the bounds of the parish.

Rector Rev Andrew Lightbown said: “Many who have not previously experienced the beauty of Prayer Book worship are pleased to discover some of the forgotten delights to be found in the Anglican treasure box they then come to love.

“I regard The Book of Common Prayer as the gold standard which enables us to play an ecumenical role in the current age.

“This church has been the spiritual heart of Winslow since it was built in the 12th century as a minster of St Albans to serve the surrounding villages.

“These days, Choral Evensong and Compline, chanted by candlelight, are among our most popular ecumenical services, attended by a congregation which includes local Methodists and Roman Catholics. Our strong choral tradition is supported by a robed choir of up to 30, whose ages span almost 80 years.

“They include a significant number of young people whose music, combined with our emphasis on liturgy, helps to bring Prayer Book services to life.”