Club could boost your confidence

Facilitator Stephen Townsend.
Facilitator Stephen Townsend.
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BUCKINGHAM’S new job club got off the ground last week, with half a dozen people turning up to the first meeting, at the Swan Community Hub.

Some were unemployed, some had been made redundant and others were worried about the possibility of redundancy.

The introductory session, looked at the subject of transferrable skills, with participants getting into groups or pairs to discuss various topics, then feeding back to the group.

HR professional Jill Townsend said: “The latest thinking is it doesn’t matter what you’ve done in a particular area, it’s what you’ve learned in that role.

“It’s about fitting the type of person to the job.”

Facilitator Stephen Townsend said: “I can train skills but I can’t train personality.”

The free club, which runs from 1pm to 3pm every Tuesday, will follow a 12-week cycle covering different subjects.

These will include practical issues such as CV writing, letter writing and interview skills, time-keeping and punctuality, as well as increasing self-confidence and improving enthusiasm.

Mr Townsend said: “We’re looking at just being that tiny bit better than the next person.

“Second in the Olympics gets a silver medal. Second in a job interview gets nothing.”

Some participants mentioned they felt socially isolated as a result of being unemployed, and all agreed the first session had been a positive and supportive experience.

Most said they felt the thing that was most important to them in attending the group was increasing their self-confidence.

Next week’s session will focus on being positive.