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Paper front page for the web.
Paper front page for the web.

Buckingham Art For All

Marketing Methods and Self Promotion will be the subject of the Buckingham Art For All talk on Tuesday at Well Street Union Church, Well Street, Buckingham.

The talk, by professional artist Paul Bursnell, will take place betweem 8pm and 10pm.

Mr Bursnell has sold over 800 paintings in five years. Hel will demonstrate his speedy painting technique and talk through his promotional journey taking in selling on eBay and through galleries nationwide.

Entry is free for members and costs £5 for visitors. For further information contact Lindsey Graham on 01280847245 or email

The Film Place

Tonight, The Film Place will be showing Life In A Day (12a) at 8pm

This unique documentary charts a day in the life of the planet – July 24, 2010 – when an astonishing 80,000 film clips were made.

Subjects as mundane and diverse as sleeping, eating, marriage, birth, death even, are assembled into their respective categories to give us a vivid snapshot of the world at work and at play. At times funny, sad, exhilarating, shocking and surprising, it’s a real roller coaster of a ride.

Next week, will see The Lincoln Lawyer (15) shown at 8pm on Friday, July 15.

The plot is adapted from Michael Connolly’s prolific genre fiction featuring Mick Haller as the criminal defence lawyer. Haller is superbly brought to life by Matthew McConaughey who oozes laconic charm. Haller seems to have fingers in lots of pies but none of them very profitable.

When he is approached by a rich young man with a Beverly Hills address, he senses a lucrative case and agrees to defend the young man who is accused of assault on a prostitute. Despite protestations of innocence, Haller suspects the case is a set up and indeed, with the help of his side-kick, Frank Levin, he discovers some dark skeletons in the cupboard.

Cancer Research UK

At the recent Tesco one day collection the Buckingham and District Action Group for Cancer Research UK raised £647.73.

Grateful thanks to all the volunteers who collected and to the public who donated so generously.

Buckingham Amnesty Group

Baroness Emma Nicholson is coming to give the annual Amnesty Lecture on Tuesday, July 19 at 6.30pm in the main University Lecture Theatre in Chandos Road.

We are delighted that she has chosen the title, ‘The Responsibility to Protect.’ That endorses Amnesty’s position as a movement of ordinary people protecting individuals wherever justice, fairness, freedom and truth are denied.

These lectures are free, and are jointly sponsored by the University and our group. Baroness Nicholson is widely admired for her determination to overcome personal difficulties and to speak up for the persecuted.

Her long campaign on behalf of Iraq’s Marsh Arabs who were victims of Saddam Hussain was tremendous. ‘Do as I do as well as what I say,’ is the rule of her life, so we hope for a large audience.

A world leader by example and a victim of military dictatorship at home – that is how Aung San Suu Kyi finds herself, even since her release by the Burmese junta. Her voice is heard on BBC radio, including the World Service, describing her struggle.

She has appealed to the Generals to release the huge number of monks and peaceful protestors from the filthy jails where they are kept, sometimes in cramped dog cages. A petition is being organized by campaigners to draw international attention to this scandal and to minimise the expected fresh crackdown. Perhaps China and India, who support the junta, will take some notice.

Amnesty’s work in the Middle East has not eased since the inspiring uprisings in Tunisia and Egypt. The situation in those countries is far from perfect still, with arrests and torture still going on. Other states in the region, such as Syria, are still in a storm of violent repression.

A Reuters correspondent was picked up and taken to one of President Assad’s torture facilities, where he was mistreated but also witnessed such unspeakable torture of other victims that he was left in shock and will probably be disturbed for the rest of his life. Some of the facts were reported in The Times after his friend, the King of Jordan, secured his release. Amnesty has details of many other cases.

The countries Amnesty is targeting at present are Libya, Syria, Egypt and Israel/Occupied Palestinian Territories. Because women have been particularly active and courageous, as well as for the usual principles we follow, Amnesty is working for their full participation in the political processes of their nations, and for their protection from further cruelty. Go to to see how you can take part. It may take decades for things to settle down, and our voices will be heard for as long as it takes.

Our group chairman, Olivia Riches, continues to lead us although we are not having formal meetings for a while. The internet is a wonderful asset.

Freedom from Torture, formerly The Medical Foundation for the Care of Victims of Torture, has had to appeal to the British government to look mercifully on asylum seekers who are lesbian or gay, because, in parts of Africa for example, they are harassed and murdered.

Gay men can be raped with sticks, then beaten to death with them. The tests to which such claimants are subjected are crude, to say the least. Freedom from Torture was founded almost at the same time as Amnesty International and by some of the same people.

On the ground in this country, recognition of that minority’s dignity and equal rights is growing.

On July 1st. Bloomsbury Central Baptist Church hosted a great welcome to the Christian writer and activist, Symon Hill, who had walked 160 miles from Birmingham as a pilgrimage to demonstrate his repentance for his previous homophobia.

Mr Hill is one of many Christians taking that stand, sometimes at some risk of exclusion and other unpleasant consequences, as John Cornwall knows well.

Proper controls on the arms trade are still needed to limit the ability of cruel regimes to crush civil protests with weapons made in countries like ours. Amnesty International is taking up this cause again.

Amnesty’s message is being carried to more schools, U3As and other organizations. The response is often one of amazement and we hope that more activists will accept ‘The Responsibility to Protect.’

Buckingham & District Archaeological & Historical Society

Nearly 50 members and friends of the Buckingham & District Archaeological and Historical Society were delighted with the wonderful sunny weather which shone down on them for the last meeting of this season, A Strawberry Tea.

The evening was planned by their retiring chairman, Geoffrey Purefoy at Shalstone. The evening started in the parish church when Fiona Darling-Glinsky gave a fascinating talk about the wonderful carvings which can be found in the church, then Mr Purefoy continued by relating stories connected to the monuments in the church bringing ‘life to bones’.

Before leaving the church Mr Purefoy was presented with a ‘book of memories’ compiled of archives from the society dating back to the minutes of the first meeting back in 1957, hand written by a much younger Desmond Bonner who has only just retired as President of the Society.

From the church, members moved over the road to Shalstone Manor where they enjoyed delicious strawberries, home-made shortbread and Bucks Fizz in the sun drenched grounds of the Manor.

Many enjoyed a leisurely stroll around the grounds where the plants were looking superb after the recent rain and the heady perfumes from the Martagon Lilies stopped everyone in their tracks. All present were delighted with the evening, it being such a superb event to mark the end of Mr Purefoy’s well appreciated chairmanship of the society.

The Old Goal in Buckingham were delighted to be given a very generous cheque for their funds, this being made up of the complete cost of the tickets to attend the event as this was Mr Purefoy’s retirement gift to the society.

The next meeting of the Society will be on Wednesday, September 28 after their summer break.

Programmes for next season will be sent out to members before then and if anyone would like further information about the society they should call Pauline Brown on 01296 712665.

Winslow Royal British Legion

Tribute band Abba Factor will be playing at Winslow Royal British Legion on Saturday, July 16, starting at 8.30pm.

There will be happy hour prices on all draught beers for members only.

Non-members are also welcome and entry is free.

Thornborough & Thornton Garden Society

Do you know your onions? An informative talk and demonstration from one of the judges.

Tips for entering and displaying vegetables, fruit, flowers and pot plants in the village summer show on Monday, July 4 at 7.30pm in the Village Hall. Everyone welcome.

Judging of flower gardens, vegetable gardens, allotments, children’s allotments, hanging baskets and patio containers will take place on the week commencing July 11, weather permitting. Please put your name and address, and the category you are entering on a piece of paper and hand it in at Chapel Lane F/House or 2, Thornhill. Entry is 30p.

There are some lovely gardens in the village, so come and have a go. The results will be announced at the village show on September 10.

Winslow Bridge Club

In the duplicate competition held on June 20, Hanne and Peter came first North/South with Tracey and Mike first East/West. More details of the results can be found on our website; just search for ‘Winslow Bridge Club’.

The final duplicate competition before the summer break will be held on July 18.

We play both Duplicate and Free Play usually on alternate Mondays, and our website will give you the programme. Visitors of all levels will be made very welcome at £2.50 per evening.

For Free Play, which starts at 7.30pm, you don’t need a pre-arranged partner.

Please ring our membership secretary, Liz Mostyn, on 01296 670419 if you’d like to give us a try and she will be pleased to give you further information.

Brackley European Association

Last Thursday saw 45 members of the Brackley European Association gathered at chairman Anita Robin’s house for a barbecue rather than the usual meeting in the Lower Town Hall. As it was mid-June, we all took along top coats and umbrellas as it appears no-one had told the weather. However, it was mainly dry as we tucked into salad, burgers, sausages and all the other unhealthy foods that go to make up a good event.

Councillor Chris Cartmel gave us a brief report on the BEA’s progress and reminded us that next year sees the 40th anniversary of twinning with Pavillons-sous-Bois in France – which will be celebrated in Brackley in late May.

Mentioned by others present was the irony that as the official representatives of the town council in any twinning matters we would now have to pay for the hire of the Town Hall from money we raise ourselves to represent the Town at twinning events.

However, our enthusiasm for twinning and its aims will not deter us from continuing and we hope the council appreciate our efforts on its behalf and remind it that the incumbent Mayor is the Association’s President while in office.

For more information about the BEA and its activities phone Anita Robbins on 01295 712388.

Steeple Claydon Women’s Institute

Our speaker this month, Susie, gave a passionate talk about the training and use of Cancer and Bio Detection Dogs. The charity, based locally, trains dogs, usually Spaniels and Labradors, to alert their owners to any immediate re-occurring health issue they are susceptible to, through the dogs ability via smell, so enabling the person to take medical action and prevent hospitalisation or a health crisis. Susie bought a beautiful chocolate brown and white spaniel that she had trained and who was now living with its new owner with her, he laid motionless throughout, just occasionally raising his eyes towards her during her excellent presentation.

We held our annual quiz, attended by other WI’s – an event we all look forward to, and were especially pleased as Steeple Claydon WI came first, closely followed by Twyford and Marsh Gibbon.

Events attended included participation in three of the Summer Rambles at Marsworth, Great Brickhill and Ivinghoe, all three different walks were much enjoyed, as was the food provided afterwards. Some members also joined in a trip to the Weald Museum. Our meetings are held on the second Tuesday of each month at the Village Hall at 7.30pm. New members and visitors always welcome.

Buckingham Twinning Association

Boules, Bastille Day and BBQ – what do these things have to do with Buckingham? It is of course the annual Boules competition which is coming to the Cattle Pens on Thursday July 14. Following the successful Civic Visit, the Buckingham Twinning Association is now getting ready for what must be one of the most popular events of the year. The competition commences at 7.30pm, but make sure you register on the dot of 7pm as once the list is full, that’s it – you may have to wait until next year. Even if you don’t want to play, come along and enjoy the ambience and grab yourself something from the BBQ or maybe a glass of liquid refreshment both of which will be available throughout the evening.

Another date for your diary must be the Cheese and Wine Tasting which will take place on Friday, August 5 in the Well Street Centre. Make the most of the opportunity to savour a selection of different wines and cheeses which will be presented to you by Ron Gleeson. Tickets are £12 and can be obtained from either Sue Watkins on 01280 816266 or Ron Gleeson on 01280 822397. Places are limited so get in early and save a place for what is a very convivial and fun evening.

Looking ever so slightly ahead, there will be a Quiz Night on Saturday, October 15 – again in the Well Street Centre. The quiz will have a French flavour, but with a very English Fish and Chip Supper. Watch this space for further details.

Finally, the next film ‘MicMacs’ is showing on Tuesday, July 19 in the Sunley Lecture Theatre of the University of Buckingham. The doors open at 7.30pm – plenty of time to enjoy a glass of wine before the start at 8pm. If you are not a member of the BTA, you may join on the night, but why wait until then, you can always sign up on the Boules Night or make contact by way of our website. If you want a taste as to what the BTA is all about, take a look at what events have taken place in the past in both Buckingham and Mouvaux by logging onto