COLUMN: The perils and pros of being a consumate worrier

I worry about things all the time. It's in my nature, and I know I'm not alone.

Friday, 9th September 2016, 6:00 am
Updated Thursday, 15th September 2016, 5:04 pm
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I worry about friends and family the most, whether they are happy, whether there is anything I can do to help if they are not, whether I’m not doing enough to help, or sometimes if I’m doing too much.

If I suddenly realise I am not worrying about something, I worry why that is!

In a job like this you get to talk to other worriers on a daily basis.

Content Editor Hayley O'Keeffe

The amount of times that people send over information and then follow it up with a call two minutes later, before I have even had time to read the message.

I feel your pain people, if I didn’t know how our newsroom worked that is exactly what I would do too.

I would worry that the email hadn’t sent, or that I’d sent it to the wrong person or place. I would worry that I hadn’t given the right information and that my message would be overlooked. I would need an update!

But, you see, the ones that worry and the ones that care too much actually in my view have a slight advantage.

Content Editor Hayley O'Keeffe

Those fuss pots certainly catch my attention, and their flower show or charity event will more likely than not end up in the pages of this newspaper.

Because you see, these people are meticulous, they are always on time, they are polite but persistent and they usually have a fairly decent reason for getting in touch.

If they didn’t really they would worry about bothering us!

This week I had a visit from my lovely dad, who is looking forward to a upcoming trip abroad.

Like me he is a worrier, and of course that means he has everything planned to a tee.

But isn’t that actually great? Nothing is going to go wrong on my dad’s trip, because he’s ironed out all the potential problems already.

And even if something does he’s already thought of every eventuality. He’s going to have the best time ever!

So, I conclude that worrying is actually a super power to rival the very greatest of super heroes. It’s obsessive, it’s compulsive, but it’s not a disorder because it actually does us all rather well in the long run.

This week I salute you fellow worriers, don’t ever be worried to get in touch with your stories, because I’m sure they are going to be great!