Comedy asks questions about rural integration

The cast of Thornborough Players latest production,Love Bites,in rehearsal.'120827M-B177
The cast of Thornborough Players latest production,Love Bites,in rehearsal.'120827M-B177

THE age old story of two worlds colliding forms the basis of a romantic comedy which will be presented by the Thornborough Players in September.

The imagination of retired teacher Cath Sayer once again finds the players in the familiar setting of Thornborough village for her play Loves Bites.

The players have performed popular classics Great Expectations and Midsummer Nights Dream, but most of their plays are written in the village.

Mrs Sayer said Love Bites is more of a comedy than a romance which features a range of characters including a young Zumba teacher, a mysterious visitor, a dynasty from a parallel world and some hard-nosed television journalists.

The production features familiar faces to the players’ audience with one or two new ones. And despite being a comedy, Mrs Sayer said there is a deeper meaning.

She said: “It’s supposed to be about a family or community of vampires which live next to the church underground. There’s a Channel Four film crew coming and they come across the vampires, then another vampire falls in love with a Zumba teacher.

“So essentially it’s a comedy, but behind it there are ideas about integration and divisions within a community.

“As ever in communities, there are tensions between traditionalists who don’t want integration and those who want to keep up to date.”

Thornborough Players were formed around 15 years ago by Mrs Sayer (a former English teacher at the Cottesloe School in Wing), Ann Payne, and Martin Boileau, head of English at the Royal Latin School.

There will be nightly performances between Thursday, September 13, and Saturday, September 15, in Thornborough Village Hall, from 7.30pm.

Order tickets in advance from Ann Payne on 01280 814253 or Cath Sayer on 01280 812053. All tickets are £5 and the play is best suited to an adult audience.