Comic song duo are looking to entertain

Holler n Duck
Holler n Duck

An Evenley-based musician is one half of a new duo that’s aiming to breathe new life into the comic song.

Full-time musician and former headteacher Kevin O’Regan writes original comic songs which he performs with Northants-based Kevin Ward, under the name of Holler n Duck – a tribute to the great comic duo Flanders and Swann who entertained the world in the 1950s with songs such as The Hippopotamus.

Mr O’Regan also acknowleges the influence of Gilbert and Sullivan, Noel Coward and Jake Thackeray.

His songs make use of clever wordplay and have a left-field take on many ordinary situations, such as Doing DIY.

“There is some gentle innuendo but nothing that would cause offence,” said Mr O’Regan.

“I’ve performed for many years solo, as a duo or with my band and I have always included one or two of my comic songs. They have always gone down really well so I thought I would write some more and try doing a whole performance.”

Mr O’Regan plays guitar and piano and is the singer, while Mr Ward plays five-string fretless bass.

The duo have recently released a DVD of a live performance which includes 13 of the songs.

Now they are looking for pre-Christmas bookings, and also for an agent, with a view to getting on the after-dinner speaking circuit.

Contact Mr O’Regan on 01280 702300 or