Community could bid to buy town centre site

The former Red Cross Centre
The former Red Cross Centre

Residents could put in a bid to buy a prime town centre site.

Buckingham town councillors last night agreed to nominate the former Red Cross Centre and its land under the Community Right to Bid.

Under the scheme, communities can nominate land and buildings to be on a register of ‘assets of community value’.

Then if a registered asset is put up for sale, a six-month pause is put on the sale, giving the community time to develop a bid to buy it.

Accross the country, communities have registered assets including village shops, former schools, sports centres and parks.

The Red Cross Centre is owned by Bucks County Council (BCC), but the adult day services which used to be offered there are now run from the revamped Well Street Centre.

Town councillor Geraldine Collins proposed the motion to nominate the Red Cross Centre at last night’s Buckingham Town Council meeting and it was agreed unanimously.

Mrs Collins told the Advertiser: “I’ve had the idea for a long time.

“I thought it was good that we had the right to buy on it, because I’m sure developers will be interested. It’s a nice prime spot there.”

Mrs Collins said she wasn’t sure at this stage what uses the building might be put to but, among other things, it could house a larger council chamber.

She said: “Our council chamber isn’t big enough so to my mind it could be they handed that room back to the community centre. But they could use it for other things as well.”

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