Community group aims to ‘make a difference’

A new community group has been founded to offer a helping hand to anyone or any organisation which may need it.

Brackley Rotary has set up a Rotary satellite group for like-minded people to come together.

Past president Alan Jukes explained the thinking behind the idea.

He said: “We wanted to get people together who are like-minded people who want to make a difference in the community both locally and nationally and internationally.”

The aim is that the group will be more project orientated. A traditional Rotary group meets weekly and gets involved in social functions and fundraising. The aim of the satellite group will be to roll their sleeves up and get working.

Mr Jukes added: “We are now looking for things and projects to get involved in. Anything people might want doing like old people’s gardens, fences needing painting. Plus any charities which are needing help. We wanted to set up a younger orientated group of people who did not have the time to commit to the traditional Rotary but still wanted to make a difference.”

An open evening was held recently and 10 people have put themselves forward to help out. They are now discussing the way which the group will work.

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