Congratulations! War baby Kathleen is 100 today

Kathleen Titchener with a card from the Queen at her Brackley home
Kathleen Titchener with a card from the Queen at her Brackley home

A woman who was awoken by German bombers as a baby throughout the First World War is celebrating her 100th birthday today.

Kathleen Titchener, of Manor Road, Brackley, was born in the year the Great War began and spent her early years in north London.

But a century later, Kathleen has received congratulations from the Queen as she enjoys a party with family in Bicester today, Saturday.

Her son Peter, 67, is travelling from Kent with his three children to join the celebrations. They will join Kathleen’s other son Paul, 71, her five grandchildren, five great-grandchildren and lots of cousins.

Paul, a former mayor of Brackley, lives between his mum’s home and Oving but Kathleen is happy to be on her own.

She said it was a treat to receive the card from her majesty but it just sits with the 20 others on the table in her lounge where she keeps up to date with EastEnders and Coronation Street.

Katleen, a former civil servant, moved to Brackley in the mid-1980s after her husband Charles passed away.

She said there is no secret to reaching 100 but staying very active certainly helps.

Kathleen was a talented runner at school and up until recently would regularly walk down to Waitrose with her trolley but she also enjoys a glass of wine every few days and is looking forward to one today.

“Red or white, I’m not fussy,” Kathleen joked. “I’ll take what’s offered.”