Conservative candidate wins PCC elections

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Conservative candidate Anthony Stansfeld has been declared winner of the first ever Thames Valley Police Crime Commissioner elections.

Mr Stansfield beat Labour candidate Tim Starkey in two rounds of voting.

In the first ballot Mr Stansfeld received 76,011 votes to Mr Starkey’s 56,631 but neither candidate gained more than 50 per cent so the contest went to a second ballot.

In the second round Mr Stansfeld gained 18,227 votes compared to Mr Starkey’s 13,772.

Voting in the elections which straddled three counties, took place at polling stations across the Cherwell District yesterday (Thursday).

Mr Stansfeld will take up the role in May and his responsibilities will include setting the force’s budget of around £400m and hiring and firing the chief constable.

The Thames Valley was one of more than 40 police force areas in England and Wales where commissioner elections have been taking place.