Conviction upheld for man who refused to register to vote

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A Buckingham man is facing a bill of almost £4,000 after he refused to register to vote.

Meadway resident Thomas Brumwell, known as Dominic, has lost an appeal against his conviction and sentence for refusing to register to vote. Mr Brumwell refused to provide the necessary information to a canvasser when they made a home visit to help him complete last year’s registration form, despite having received the document on two separate occasions.

He was convicted at Aylesbury Magistrates’ Court in September and ordered to pay a £600 fine as well as £900 court costs. The appeal against his conviction and sentence was heard last Thursday at Aylesbury Crown Court.

Although Mr Brumwell raised several legal arguments to justify his refusal to provide the information, these were all rejected by the court and his conviction was upheld.

He was ordered to pay appeal costs totalling £2,420.

He will also have to pay the original fine and court costs.

The court told Mr Brumwell council taxpayers should not have to pay the costs of him choosing not to do something he was required by law to do.

For help on registration, visit or call 01296 585807.