‘Convince us Moat Lane move is right’

Moat Lane Consultation Exhibition,Towcester.'120905M-E665
Moat Lane Consultation Exhibition,Towcester.'120905M-E665

Towcester people leaving an a exhibition of plans for the regeneration of the town’s Moat Lane say the district council must do more to convince them the plan is what the town needs.

The plans include a new community building that South Northants Council will share with Northants County Council and other public service providers from summer 2014. The building will also be open to the public to use for events.

Moat Lane Consultation Exhibition,Towcester.'120905M-E669

Moat Lane Consultation Exhibition,Towcester.'120905M-E669

SNC says that after cuts in the number of staff their current 
office block in Springfields is now too big.

They also say the move will save taxpayers £200,000 a year in running costs.

A four day exhibition of the plans began on Wednesday at the Towcester Mill.

Northampton Road residents Barbara and Tim Thornton will be on the front line of disruption they believed will be caused by residents, town centre workers, council officers and members, competing for the 171 parking spaces included in the project.

Mrs Thornton said: “They’ve not thought it through, that parking on Northampton Road will be an accident waiting to happen.”

Mr Thornton said: “Nobody is for the council move except the council, and they’re supposed to listen to the people.”

John Morris, chairman of the Towcester and District History Society, said he is also concerned about congestion and suggest the redevelopment be in stages and that the site is allowed growth organically: “Of course the area needs to be regenerated, but personally I’m strongly 
opposed to the council move.”