Corporal takes up coveted role as Bugler to Colonel in Chief

Corporal Gary Freeland has lifted the coveted crown as the regiment's Best Bugler
Corporal Gary Freeland has lifted the coveted crown as the regiment's Best Bugler

A man from Brackley serving in the army has been selected as his Regiment’s Bugler.

Corporal Gary Freeland lifted the coveted crown during a competition held at Army Training Regiment in Winchester.

Rifleman from far and wide take part in the annual event where candidates are marked on their presentation, marching skills and bugling ability.

The Band and Bugles of The Rifles are based at Sir John Moore Barracks in Winchester, Hampshire, and is part of the Corps of Army Music. The band maintains traditions dating back over 200 years, including the use of the silver bugle and the distinctly fast marching speed of 140 paces per minute.

Cpl Freeland will now take up the role of Bugler to Colonel in Chief for the next 12 months, a role that is much sought after.

He said: “I am just speechless. This is part of what we do but you never think for a second you are going to be the winner of such a prestigious competition. The talent and dedication of all the buglers makes them all winners but to know you are the best in the regiment is just out of this world. There will now be plenty of opportunities for me to represent the regiment as I take up my role as Bugler to Colonel in Chief.”

The bugle was essential to all military communication until its displacement by electronics. The primary bugler was assigned to the headquarters staff and kept close to the commander at the front.

Soldiers were quick to learn the calls of the bugle and on a routine day at least four, and as many as ten, were made.