Could town cemetery sites be a dead end?

A SHORTLIST of possible sites for a new town cemetery is being investigated by Buckingham Town Council.

The current cemetery extension on Brackley Road, has high levels of bedrock, which means the amount of available burial space has been severely curtailed, making it necessary to look for alternatives around the town.

A shortlist of eight sites has been drawn up, but require further investigation before any of them can be put forward as a good site for a new cemetery.

All except one of the sites is situated near the Buckingham bypass.

A town council spokesman said councillors and staff had looked at a map to pinpoint suitable sites.

He said: “We have sent the map to Aylesbury Vale District Council and it is going to provide contact details of the possible land owners. We have also forwarded the information to Bucks County Council’s highways department and it has come back to us and said two of the sites might not be suitable because of road access.”

He added once the town council had the details for landowners, it would contact them.

Finding a new site and setting up a new cemetery is expected to take a number of years and the current site has around five to eight years worth of space left.

The spokesman appealed for any landowners with space available which could be used as a cemetery and who were willing to rent it out at a low price to get in touch with the town council.

A geological survey carried out last September revealed bedrock in the cemetery, which means several parts of the cemetery’s extension are not suitable for burials, which have to be more than four feet deep.