Could you be fined for not removing posters after events? Buckingham Town Council set to investigate whether by-law could be introduced

Buckingham town centre sign
Buckingham town centre sign

Buckingham Town Council is due to vote next week on whether to investigate if people can be penalised for not removing posters after events.

The issue of flyposting was discussed at a meeting of the town council’s town centre and events committee last month.

Members observed that posters are being left on lamp posts for long periods of time after events have happened and suggested that those responsible should be issued with a fine if the town council has to remove them.

Cllr Robin Stuchbury tabled a motion at the meeting asking to investigate whether it was possible to bring in a bylaw to enforce this.

Speaking after the meeting he said: “I think a by-law can help with regulating and enforcing the areas where posters can go.

“The town centre and the bypass are particularly problematic areas.

“The discussion started because a banner was put on the railings by the Old Gaol and it blocked the view of people trying to get out on to the road.

“What I would like to achieve out of this is having something in place so that the council has the power to control what posters are put up around the town.”

The recommendation is for the town council to pursue this and if they agree the town clerk will explore a whether such a by-law can be introduced.