Council ‘at cutting edge’ of cost-cutting

Neil Blake, leader of AVDC
Neil Blake, leader of AVDC

Aylesbury Vale District Council is at the ‘cutting edge of innovation’ when it comes to being more efficient, according to the Local Government Association.

The organisation, which represents councils, identified Aylesbury Vale as one of 20 local authorities across England who are ‘leading by example in developing best practice for the rest of the country to follow.’

The Aylesbury Vale District Council offices

The Aylesbury Vale District Council offices

Aylesbury Vale District Council (AVDC) and the other 19 authorities identified by the LGA were invited to meet the organisation, which represents all councils across England and Wales, to discuss the best ways of overhauling how work is done while also reducing costs to taxpayers.

Over the last four years AVDC say they have saved £8.6 million through a number of measures and efficiencies including restructuring senior management, renting purpose-built properties to Travelodge and Waitrose, hiring out facilities at The Gateway Conference Centre and changing contracts.

The council estimates it may be able to save more than £10 million by the end of 2015/16, and they are aiming to save a further £7.5 million by the end of 2018/19.

Council leader Neil Blake said: “We have made some impressive advances over the past few years.

“Being asked to share our expertise and knowledge with other local authority innovators is recognition of what we have accomplished.

“It was a great opportunity to not only raise the profile of Aylesbury Vale but also learn from other councils who are transforming the way they do business for the benefit of their customers.”

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