Council delays decision on raising the cost of living in Buckingham

Councillors will meet again on January 22
Councillors will meet again on January 22

Buckingham Town Council have delayed adopting next year’s budget and raising Council Tax by 11%.

At a precept meeting on January 8, councillors opted to defer the decision until later in the month and not increase the precept on a band D property by 35p.

To raise funds, councils add an extra cost known as a "precept" to resident’s Council Tax bills.

Cllr Jon Harvey said: “The meeting decided last night not to set a precept and instead ask the Town Clerk to take another look at the overall budget and find ways to reduce the originally proposed precept rise of 11%.

“It was a positive meeting where a range of views were expressed. The plan is now, I understand, to have another look at the budget and precept in 2 weeks time at the full council meeting.”

It has been recommended that councillors raise this year’s budget by £100,000 to £844,815.

The proposed budgets factor in plans for solar panels at the community centres in Lace Hill and the town centre, as well as new maintenance contracts and the new cemetery.

The full council meet next on January 22, at 7pm.