Council to cash in on trade recycling


Businesses will be able to recycle their waste with South Northants Council (SNC) following the launch of a new service later this year.

SNC is now offering to collect recyclable paper, cans, plastic and cardboard for an annual charge, alongside the commercial waste collection service it already offers.

In a written statement SNC said: “We have not set a target for how much we hope to collect but we know that the waste from our customers contains a high proportion of waste that could be recycled.

“The level of revenue depends on the take up from local businesses. We have not set a target for this.”

The charges were set at a meeting of the budget and financial strategy committee.

The committee agreed all fees and charges for council services would remain the same apart from those levied for commercial waste collection. These will rise by 10 per cent. Last year SNC collected £280,000 for disposing of commercial refuse which was then sent to landfill.

It is expected the new recycling service will launch in April/May.